Registry of Deeds, Quezon City – Thumbs Up!!!

February 6, 2009

I went to East Avenue to submit my documents for Transfer of TCT. There was a short line and probably each turn requires 10-15 minutes.

When it was my turn, the receiving clerk assigned my documents to the farthest cubicle of the examiners department. I waited for so long. The people lined after me got their documents earlier because the examiner that was assigned to scrutinize my documents was busy chatting with her colleague for about 45 minutes. I was worried because lunch time was just a tick away and I didn’t want to waste 1 more hour or so in that transaction. I would understand if I got to their office 30 minutes before lunch time but it’s not the case. I got there approximately at 10:30am.

Finally, after a long wait, I had my documents and was told to pay the fees. I had to run to the other building just to photocopy the receipt and got back to submit it to the releasing clerk as per instruction of the cashier. Then, I was told to claim the new 2 TCTs after 3 weeks. I was able to breathe normally after it.

True enough, I got the 2 TCTs after 3 weeks.

Well, the dillydallying of the examiner also got to my nerves but I realized that the said inconvenience I had experience with this branch was miniscule compared to other branch of Registry of Deeds.

Thank you! Mwah!

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6 Responses to Registry of Deeds, Quezon City – Thumbs Up!!!

  1. thell montana says:

    hello po, its true,but RD in bulacan, is very worst…we really need help just to have our emancipation patent title to be rgistered. pls advice

    • Ponente says:

      Hi, Im not familiar nor had a transaction with RD Bulacan. If you can give me more details about your transactions and challenges with that branch then maybe I can give some suggestions 🙂

  2. transacting public says:

    kung sino man ang nag-update ng everyday transaction ng LRA LOTS site, gawin mo trabaho mo. sayang ang binabayad naming mga transacting public. ang mahal pa ng singil nyo at lalong tumagal.ang transaction sa inyo. pag wala kang lagay, matatabunan ang papel mo…. almost one week ng naka down ang website nyo!!!

  3. cesar evangelista says:

    FYI. Just got back from QC RD after paying registration fee. I was told to return on June 3 – a good two months from today. That is a far cry from the 3 weeks way back in February 2009. A site – Doing Business in Quezon City – indicates that the transaction should be completed in a mere 10 days! Surely the Office of the Ombudsman must be informed. This is a clear case incompetence!

  4. marcy ramos says:

    how much fees do we have to pay to get owners copy of the TCT? and what are the documents we need to present as proof of ownership? Thanks

    • Gracious says:

      If I’m not mistaken this wouldn’t cost you 1k. Documents to present depends on the municipality but common documents are tax dec, photocopy of title, ID, authorization in case representative.

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